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counterfeit drugs
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Imagine taking a medication without knowing if it's the proper strength, if it might be contaminated with foreign substances, or even if it contains any real medicine at all. Unfortunately, these worries are the reality for many people in the world.

Asia is considered the home of drug counterfeiting and is widely spread across the globe.

Our organization's advocacy is to prevent the illegal smugglers by bringing awareness to the greater public. With the help of trusted informant who have the same goal, we continue to defeat the illegal transactions of drug counterfeiting.

What is counterfeit drug?

The U.S. law explains counterfeit drugs being those sold using a product name exclusive of authorization. Faking could concern to either generic products or brand name, in which the source’s identity is mislabeled to appear to be a genuine approved product. Counterfeit products could consist of products lacking or inadequate amount of active ingredient, with the incorrect active ingredient, or with false packaging.

The scope of the dilemma of counterfeit drugs is unknown. Counterfeiting is hard to investigate, uncover, and put a figure on. Because of these, it is difficult to comprehend or even calculate approximately the exact degree of the crisis. All we know is counterfeit drugs are present globally. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, if the rate of counterfeit drugs is not as much of 1% in developed countries, a higher percentage of counterfeit medicines are being sold in developing countries.

Who manufactures counterfeit drugs?

According to some approximations, over 10 percent of all pharmaceuticals worldwide supply chain is fake. In numerous countries, counterfeit pharmaceuticals are responsible for 70 percent of all medicines in the supply chain.

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Putting an end to
counterfeit drugs

There are many challenges in stopping counterfeit medicines. Due to the insufficient management and implementation, the safety, efficacy and quality of either locally manufactured and imported drugs in a lot of countries cannot be ensured.

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Counterfeiting drugs:
a profitable industry

The manufacture of counterfeit medicines doesn’t have to be in a big facility. Most of the criminals arrested so far perform their undertakings in regular homes, in backyards or just anywhere not out of the ordinary.

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