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Hybrid, Haiburiddo Āmā: The mixture of X and all MonsAmors, this armor appeared throughout the final battle against Greeza and wielded the Slugger. The primary finisher is Final Vanadium. Urutimeito Zanadiumu, the place X, launches an X-formed ray from his chest earlier than launching the Slugger. Ultraman Zero Armor, Urutoraman Zero Āmā: The combination result of X and a duplicate of Ultraman Zeros Ultimate Aegis, Urutimeito Ījisu, X beneficial properties the final word Aegis and Ultimate Zero Sword Urutimeito Zero Sōdo as his arsenal, which allows him to journey in-between dimensions. Gomora Armor, Gomora Āmā: The combination results of X and Cyber Gomora; X features a pair of enormous claws as his arsenal, which permits him to create digital shields for safety.

Seeking Armor, Erekingu Āmā: The mix results of X and Cyber Eleking, X positive factors cannon as his arsenal, which permits him to manipulate electricity. His primary weapon is the Beta Spark Sword, Bēta Supāku Sōdo, which is the combination of the X Beta Capsule, Ekusu Bēta Kapuseru, and the X Park Lance, Ekusupāku Rensu and permits him to show into an arrow configuration and unleash the Beta Spark Arrow Bēta Supāku Arō as his finisher. Zetton Armor, Zetton Āmā: The mixed result of X and Cyber Zetton, X gained a couple of large arm guards/cannons on his fingers. Bestar Armor, Bemusutā Āmā: ultraman Merch The combination results of X and Cyber Bemstar, X good points, an Arm Shield, Āmu Shīrudo that resembles Bemstars stomach gorge.

The shield can be utilized as a clawed appendage and initiates a finisher assault, Bemstar Spout, Bemusutā Supauto, where X redirects an incoming assault from the opponent again to them. His finisher assault is Eleking Electric Wave, Erekingu Dengeki-ha. His finisher attack is Gomora Oscillatory Wave, Gomora Shindō-ha. Jun was among the victims of the Silver Bloome assault on MAC Station. Despite their membership, additionally, they enlisted on each day jobs as normal civilians, whereas they were normally lively by night or throughout monster attacks in daylight. This type was a last-minute addition made by Kiyoshi Okazaki in hopes of having a huge effect on audiences. In contrast, the original plan was to have Xio members utilizing the powers of Cyber Cards, which was later used in Ultraman X The Film.